Trusted Execution Environment
Using a trusted execution environment on the chip or server side (TEE: Trusted Execution Environment), create an isolated Environment for data sharing and joint computing at the hardware level, and build enclaves by combining hardware and software to ensure data confidentiality and integrity with higher performance.

Multi-type software and hardware integration solution

Support Intel SGX, ARM TrustZone, AMD SEV and other TEE technology solutions, including Huawei Kun Peng, Hygon CSV and other more secure, independent and controllable localized solutions

High performance and high security of confidential computing

Memory encryption guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the Enclave, provides a more complete security mechanism, and protects the data in the model and calculation process, realizing no perceptual delay compared to the native environment

High versatility and compatibility

Support Python, Java and other multi-language types, can directly run existing programs, without re - development, the greatest simplification of development and transplantation, and can achieve any custom logic

Product Features

Self-controlled, safe and reliable

The product is completely developed by ourselves, and supports huawei TrustZone, Haiguang CSV and other localized solutions

Friendly use and high versatility

Multi-language rapid development, support mainstream machine learning framework and data preprocessing, fast transplantation, easy to get started

Rapid deployment and high compatibility

It can be quickly deployed in public cloud, private or offline environments, and is compatible with mainstream databases and data services

Visual background, real-time monitoring

Visual management background, real-time monitoring of Enclave and task status, and provide perfect user rights management

Architecture Diagram
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