Encrypted Database
The EulerDB provides high-performance, low-cost, stable and reliable database services while ensuring data security and efficiency. It supports ciphertext data retrieval and calculation and common database functions, including encryption algorithms, low-cost storage, and visualization of query results

Product Details

SQL compilation and generation

The EulerDB supports the SQL syntax of mainstream databases and can add, delete, modify, and query databases. The EulerDB encrypts semantic tree nodes through semantic analysis, syntax analysis, and abstract semantic tree generation of SQL statements

Batch import and export

EulerDB supports batch import and export of local data. The EulerDB uses proxies to read encryption keys, generate encrypted data, import the encrypted data in batches, and decrypt exported ciphertext data from the database

Key management services

The EulerDB supports file storage, database storage, and mobile storage (USB flash drive). You can select a key storage solution based on your requirements

Proxy services

EulerDB uses the proxy service mechanism to support multiple backend databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and provide communication between one or more database servers and clients

Product Features

High performance

EulerDB provides the same query speed and throughput as a plaintext MySQL database while ensuring database security.

Low-cost storage

The EulerDB agent stores only metadata such as the mapping between plain text and ciphertext, the encryption layer of each column, and the encryption and decryption keys. The amount of metadata is very small and the storage cost is very low.

Simple and convenient operation

After EulerDB is deployed, users only need to add, delete, modify, and check the EulerDB in normal mode on the application side. The encryption and decryption operations are automatically invoked on the proxy side, which is easy to use

Seamlessly connect to traditional databases

EulerDB uses a proxy as a compiler, which is fully compatible with common databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, and can be directly connected to the database without any modification

Architecture Diagram

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