2019 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Unlock New Economic Opportunities via Private AI & Blockchain


  • Points' private AI products
    Composed of TEE-based confidential computation and Federated Learning, empower organizations to securely collaborate on data and its analysis, by making sure that the sensitive data or valuable models are never revealed during the computations and model training lifecycle.
  • Machine Learning
    Supports computationally complex machine learning and even deep learning frameworks such as xgboost, scikit-learn and tensorflow with enterprise-grade performance and little or no source code modifications.
  • Flexible and streamlined deployment
    Provides programmable interfaces, support for mainstream databases and services, and public and private cloud deployment.
  • Blockchain
    Can be used with blockchain and smart contract to help companies compliant with regulations through permissioned auditing and access control tools, controlled transparency, and traceable and tamper-proof ledger
  • Points' blockchain solution
    Points blockchain solution keeps single-version of truth amongst multiple parties with distributed ledger and hence brings efficiency improvement to intra and inter organization collaborations.
  • High performance
    A robust infrastructure that supports a range of economic rules & processes.for distributed smart economy.
  • Flexibility
    Compatible with different consensus mechanisms to accommodate diverse use cases.
  • Consulting service
    Experienced blockchain business consultants to turn your blockchain project into business results.

Use Cases

  • Shared risk assessment amongst financial institutions
  • Open banking with ecosystem partners
  • Co-marketing and targeting algorithm
  • Joint research and analytics
Join the Points data partner network to leverage rich data assets for co-marketing, co-risk-management and co-research
  • 647
    ID Data
  • 460
    Corporate Data
  • 347
    Online Data
  • 62
    Offline Data
  • 423
    Financial Data
  • 684
    Non-financial Data